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Attractive Balustrading in Sydney

We offer many options for glass Balustrading to meet Australian Standards. At A H Glass Fencing our glass balustrade is exceptionally strong and durable. All of our hardware, glass and fittings have been stringently tested to ensure their strength and safety. Based on our installers extensive knowledge of standards and regulations they can suggest the best fit for your needs. Having been in the business for more than two decades, we can guarantee that the hardware and materials we use not only meet standards but will retain their look and strength for many years to come.

A H Glass Fencing's balustrade comes with stainless steel top rail, available in a range of colours, shapes and finshes, to match your hardware. Our balustrade can be either core drilled, deck mounted or face fixed. Our experienced team can suggest the options that work best for your job giving you the confidence to know you've chosen the best possible fit for your home.  

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