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Premium Quality Glass Fencing Installation

Our Commitment to Quality 

At A H Glass Fencing we use only the highest quality products and pride ourselves in this. We are the preferred distributors for Polaris products. In partnership with Polaris we offer premium hardware for both glass and aluminium fencing. 

Why Polaris?

The Polaris Soft Close Hinge developed by Glass Hardware Australia is a unique self-closing hinge for use in all outdoor and indoor frameless glass installations. It was designed to meet the tough requirements of frameless glass pool fencing in Australia, so can be used in all installations where glass gates are needed. These hinges are designed to be resistant to chemicals, to operate in a wet environment and to withstand constant outdoor use and the harsh Australian weather. To be used as a glass pool fence hinge meant it had to be durable, reliable, and last for at least ten years. 

The sleek stainless-steel construction makes it strong and durable but also makes it stylish and attractive. As an architectural feature, it is minimalist and its design geometry is compatible with the toughened glass it supports. The hinge uses a spring and shock absorbers to ensure gentle closing every time from any position, whether fully or only slightly open.

The Polaris Soft Close Hinge closes with a soft and light action not only making it safe but also quiet in operation. As a glass pool fence hinge, it is the safest and most reliable hinge in the industry complying with the stringent Australian Standards AS1926 and AS 2820. The Samuel Morris Foundation dedicated to preventing child drownings have endorsed the product for use in Australian pools.

We offer our customers the best combination of safety and style:

We specialise in products such as frameless glass and hardware, to provide our clients with the best of both worlds – safety and style. We ensure all installations are to be compliant with relevant Australian standards. We design the layout of each job to suit the space, so they comply with the pool safety laws in NSW (New South Wales). This is why we are considered to be a local leader in the glass pool fencing industry.

Our experience in the industry:

To date, we have worked on thousands of projects around the region and have over 20 years experience in the industry. Alan and the team have an extended amount of fencing knowledge, providing the correct advice to suit each individual job. When we carry out fencing installations for clients, you can be confident you will have a safe and sleek finish, leaving a clear view into the pool and surrounding areas.  

Why do people like frameless glass fencing?

Peopleprefer frameless glass fencing as it allows a clear and open view of the area and its surrounds. It is definitely a popular fencing style and provides a safe barrier. However, is also stylish and can enhance the look and value of a property. Due to this, glass fencing in Australia is in high demand.

We work with our clients to satisfy their needs:

We know that every pool we are called to work around is unique. Therefore, we always work with our customers to give them exactly what they are looking for. We provide our customers with the most appropriate solutions and best options for their home. 

The importance of safety in pools:

Our customers love the look of their pools, and there is no need to take risks with safety for the sake of appearance. No matter what kind of pool our clients have, they need to make sure that no children are able to gain access without proper supervision. This is where we come in. Our products allow homeowners and their guests to enjoy great views of the pool while monitoring the area, our hardware, including the soft close hinges and gate latches is designed to endure for years to come and has a modern sleek look. 

Polaris Soft Close Hinge Accreditation & Testing Reports
NATA Test Report Polymer Hinge
NATA Test Report Polaris 120 Series
NATA Test Report Polaris 130 Series

Our Products

A H Glass Fencing use only Premium stainless steel products. Our commitment to quality ensures that you can have confidence in the durability and safety of your beautiful glass fence. 


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