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Frameless Glass Fencing

Frameless glass is a perfect way to fence your pool without obstructing your view of your pool or surroundings. 

Full frameless glass fence
glass pool fence

Strong Frameless Glass Balcony & Pool Fencing in Sydney

A H Glass Fencing- The Name you can Rely On

A H Glass Fencing is a leading and highly reputed name in the field of frameless glass pool fencing in Sydney. With over two decades in the industry, the company has evolved as a leading provider of frameless glass fencing. We are a family business with unmatched workmanship and competency in the field of frameless glass balustrade fencing. With a team of highly trained and experienced professionals in Sydney, we constantly keep ourselves up to date with Australian Standards and Guidelines. This has helped us to ensure that all of our jobs are completed to the expectations of the clients. Due to our professionalism and outstanding reputation are also a trusted glass fencing installer for many pool builders throughout the Sydney area. Our professional tradesmen never leave any stone unturned when it comes to meeting our customers requirements. 

We are Different - We Make you Smile 

Having been in the business for years in Sydney, we understand what it takes to meet the requirements and expectations of our clients. With hundreds of clients, each of them have their own specification, we take each job as a challenge that we meet each time. We know that installing a perfect frameless pool fence is not an easy task and it can be a challenge to conform to the slope, shape or angle of your pool and landscaping. We are always careful in each step of the job, from helping our customers choose the right fencing options, to installing them precisely. Every step is important in order to get a perfect result. 

Since starting in Sydney, we have focused on establishing some key elements that would define the course of our work. These are

  • Work Coordination & Communication

We believe that the success of any project largely depends on how the professionals at work communicate and coordinate with our clients. Therefore, irrespective of whether it is a frameless glass balcony or frameless pool fence, we work in close coordination with the homeowner. Each stage of the work proceeds after the customer is satisfied with the outcome of the previous stage. We also understand the importance of communication and we will provide feedback on what will work best to make the final result look amazing.

  • Exceed Expectations

Good enough is not good enough for us, we only accept the best. Hence, when you hire us for frameless glass fence installation for a pool or balcony, we strive to exceed your expectations. We assure a sleek and stylish result that will increase your home’s value and attractiveness and aim for every point of contact with us to be a pleasant experience.

  • Committed Services

Hire A H Glass Fencing because we are always ready and able to deliver the services as per your requirements. With our customised frameless glass pool fencing, we take care of deadlines and put in all efforts to get the job completed well within time without compromising on the quality of the finish.

  • Required Specifications and Standards

We use only top quality hardware because we value quality in everything we do. Our tradesmen are properly qualified and our business is registered. We also comply with all relevant Australian standards, guidelines and council requirements so that the job is properly completed.

High-Quality Frameless Glass Meeting Safety Standards

Safety has been the prime concern for all people when it comes to installing frameless glass fences and glass balustrade for balconies. A H Glass Fencing in Sydney takes pride in the high quality and durability of our products. Our glass balustrade will increase your property value as well as providing safety. Our experts meet Australian Standards AS2208 criteria. Also, when it comes to installation, our fittings have been engineered, tested, and certified according to Australian and international standards.

Get in touch with us for more details. We are always here to help you in every  possible way. Call 0439 887 717 for more information and a free quotation. 

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