Best Adjustable Aluminium Louvres Panels

Aluminium Louvres - The perfect privacy solution

Louvres have been around for a long time, but now there is a high demand for products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Aluminium louvres improve the comfort and functionality of the outdoor environment because they can ensure minimal interruption to the view while controlling the airflow throughout the home. Whether you are a designer, architect, developer, builder, or homeowner, and looking for external aluminium louvre panels for your windows or aluminium louvred slat screens as a fence, we can offer you a complete supply, design, and installation service for louvres. We also offer a wide range of louvres that suit even the most discerning and creative clients. 


Manufactured custom louvres:

At A H Glass Fencing, we offer standard, elliptical and manual adjustable aluminium louvres. All of these options are a great choice for your home. 

Welded Aluminium Louvres are a perfect solution for privacy screening, fencing or gates. Our welded Aluminium adjustable louvers are constructed in our dedicated fabrication space to your exact specifications which means we are able to offer limitless options. 

The modern aluminium louvre panels we supply are ideal for both classic and contemporary building designs. They successfully protect buildings from the effect of harsh weather while offering natural airflow. When used as fencing, these outdoor Aluminium louvres can offer both privacy and space. 

Benefits of our welded aluminium louvres:

  • Exceptional strength and durability.

  • Huge range of colours.

  • Australian made.

  • No maintenance, no corrosion.

  • Choice of standard or elliptical blades.

  • Offers privacy whilst maintaining airflow.

Why choose A H Glass Fencing?

  1. A H Glass Fencing has years of experience in providing the best quality Aluminium louvres.

  2. We are proud of offering premium quality outdoor aluminium louvres, close attention detail, exceptional workmanship, and our capacity to meet all our customers’ needs. These attributes have helped us develop a great reputation for offering customised louvres of the best quality.

  3. We have a team of professionals with several years of industry experience. With the help of these experts, we can easily help you choose the right external aluminium louvre panels to meet your specific requirements.

  4. The louvres we supply are highly durable.