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Aluminium Louvres 

The perfect privacy solution

Custom Aluminium Louvres are a brilliant solution when you want complete privacy but still want to maintain airflow. The angle of the Louvre blade can also be adjusted to obscure the view of one area and allow the view of another. Our Louvres are fully welded in a 50x50 frame for strength and stability. Whether you are a designer, architect, developer, builder, or homeowner, if you are looking for external aluminium Louvre panels, screens or fencing, give us a call. We offer a range of louvres, including adjustable open and close louvres that suit even the most discerning and creative clients. 


Manufactured Custom Louvres:

At A H Glass Fencing, we offer standard flat, elliptical and adjustable aluminium louvres. All of these options are a great choice for your home. Aluminium Louvres are a perfect solution for privacy screening, fencing or gates. Our Aluminium louvres are constructed in our dedicated fabrication space to your exact specifications which means we are able to offer limitless options. 

Adjustable Opening and Closing Louvres:


Our latest Louvre option, Adjustable open and close Louvres, are an innovative solution for screening. They are often used as impressive screen for BBQ areas. They can be kept closed for the day to day then opened to allow steam and smoke to readily escape when you're cooking up a storm. They can also be used in an area that needs more or less shade according to the seasons. 

Benefits of our welded aluminium louvres:

  • Exceptional strength and durability.

  • Huge range of colours.

  • Australian made.

  • No maintenance, no corrosion.

  • Choice of standard or elliptical blades.

  • Offers privacy whilst maintaining airflow.

Why choose A H Glass Fencing?

  1. A H Glass Fencing has years of experience, providing the best quality Aluminium louvres available.

  2. We are proud of our attention detail, exceptional workmanship, and our capacity to meet all our customers’ needs. These attributes have helped us develop a great reputation for offering top quality customised louvres.

  3. We have a team of professionals with years of industry experience. We have extensive knowledge to share to help you choose the best aluminium louvre panels to meet your specific requirements.

  4. Our Louvres are engineered to meet our high standards, we except nothing but the best which means you can rest assured your Louvres will be strong, elegant and maintenance free. 

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