Introducing our new Aussie Coated Non-Conductive Spigots

Coated here in Australia, A H Glass Fencing have developed a brand new product to illuminate the need for costly and time consuming earthing associated with the AS3000 5.6 2.6. Our revolutionary patent pending spigots, retain the stunning look of a stainless steel spigot but are also non-conductive. 

An Australian first, our non-conductive spigots are stainless steel with a subtle gloss coating. Previously, the only products available to Australians were coated in "silver/grey look" PVC (plastic) or Black PVC (plastic) which adversely affected the premium look of the spigots. 

Our A H non conductive spigots come in a clear coated stainless steel and are also available in coloured coatings. A H carry the largest range of coloured spigots available in Australia, Black, Monument, White and Surf Mist. Custom colours may also be available on request.

A H Non Conductive spigots are available in Core Drilled 240mm or 285mm and Deck Mounted 85mm or 150mm.