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Introducing Aussie Coated
Non-Conductive Spigots

Coated here in Australia, A H Glass Fencing are the preferred supplier for brand new Non-Conductive Spigots. This product was developed to illuminate the need for costly and time consuming earthing associated with the AS3000 5.6 2.6. These revolutionary patent pending spigots, retain the stunning look of a stainless steel spigot but are also non-conductive. 

An Australian first, Non-Conductive Spigots are stainless steel with a subtle gloss coating. Previously, the only products available to Australians were coated in "silver/grey look" PVC (plastic) or Black PVC (plastic) which adversely affected the premium look of the spigots. 

Non-Conductive Spigots come in a clear coated stainless steel and are also available in coloured coatings. A H carry the largest range of coloured spigots available in Australia, Black, Monument, White and Surf Mist. Custom colours may also be available on request.

Non Conductive spigots are available in Core Drilled 240mm or 285mm and Deck Mounted 85mm or 150mm.


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